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VMware is a high utility virtualisation application that allows creating a virtual machine that can be used for installing and testing different types of operating system without having to actually install them on the real computer. Several different types of operating systems can be tested using this application and the users can also specify the hardware configuration for the specific operating systems installed on the virtual machine.


VMware Player is a highly efficient and effective application that allows users to install complete operating systems inside of a virtual machine without the need to actually install them on the hard drive of their computer. Users simply need to install the application and then start the virtual machine.

Using the virtual machine installed by the applications, users can install different operating systems from DVDs, CDs, USB drives or even from ISO files. The installation wizard is simple and the virtual machine can be created easily. The operating systems thus installed on the virtual machine allow the users to test them before actually installing them on their computers.

Users can test different types of operating system before they decide whether they want to actually install and use the operating system. For example, if a user has a copy of Windows 8 installed on their computer and want to test Windows 10 before actually upgrading their system to Windows 10, it can be done easily by installing Windows 10 operating system on their virtual machine. Similarly users can also test other operating systems such as Linux.?The application also allows users to specify their hardware configuration for the operating systems installed on the virtual machine and specify the configuration for USB drives, virtual hard disks, network adapters, sound card, scanner, printer, DVD drive and other hardware.

The application has a very simple and easy installation process and the user interface is highly intuitive that can be easily operated and managed even by new users. The software supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Parallels is an application similar to VMware Player. The application allows virtualisation of the various operating systems by allowing them to be installed on a virtual machine. The application allows the system resources to be used along with the operating systems installed on the virtual machine. There are support for various versions of Windows operating system as well as Linux and Mac.


VMware player is a useful and efficient application that installs a virtual machine on a computer. Users can install complete operating systems on this virtual machine and access full functionalities of the installed operating system. The program is highly efficient and allows configuration of the various hardware resources to function along with the operating systems installed on the virtual machine.


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