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Ultimate Boot CD is a highly useful system utility tool that allows creating a bootable disk that can be used for several purposes such as system restore, backup and other important system related function. The application is in the form of an .ISO file that is to be downloaded and then burnt on a CD.


Ultimate Boot CD is a useful system resources tool that allows booting of a computer using the CD. Users need to download the application, which is in the .ISO file format and burn the image on a CD to make it a bootable drive.

The application then allows users an access to several system tools that are useful for management of the computer system. Users can use the CD to recover the system and files in case of a system crash and perform other system related functions. These functions include hard disk diagnosis for problems, computer boot process management, recovery of data, partition of the hard disk, cloning of the disk, wiping off the data from the hard drive, stress testing the processor and the CPU, removal of virus and malware and displaying other system related information.

The application has a very simple process. It simply needs to be burnt on the CD as it is already in an .ISO format. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to use. It is quite intuitive to those who know how to operate the BIOS screen of a computer since the interface is similar to a BIOS interface.?The application is light-weight and does not adversely affect the performance of the computer. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Active Boot Disk Creator is an application similar to Ultimate Boot CD. The application allows creation of a bootable compact disk, DVD, Blu Ray disk or a USB drive. The created bootable disk can then be used for the purpose of system restore and other functions such as backup, recovery, displaying information about the system, stress testing of the CPU and several other functions. The application has a very simple interface and can be used even by new users easily.


Ultimate Boot CD is a high utility system resource that grants access to several different system tools for efficient management of the computer. The application is in the form of an ISO file and it simply needs to be burnt on a CD, which then becomes a bootable drive. It can then be used for restoring or recovering a system after a crash and also has several other useful tools for maintenance of the system.


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