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TeraCopy is a highly efficient application for transferring files from one location to another. The application gets integrated with the right click function of Windows Explorer and allows easy transfer of files between various locations. The application can be made the default program for transferring files on a computer.


TeraCopy is a highly effective and useful system tool that allows efficiently copying files from one location to another. The application integrates with the Windows Explorer and can be accessed by the users from the right click menu. The program is much better in performance than the standard Windows copy paste options due to the several features included in the application.

The software allows files to be added to a queue and then can be transferred in a customised sequential order. The program can also continue with broken transfers without having to start transferring the files from the beginning. It also adjusts the buffer in a dynamic manner thereby reducing the time required for transferring the files from one drive to another, for example from a computer to an external device such as a USB drive.?The application reports if there are any bad files and skip such files. It also calculates and display results of CRC checksums. The CRC values of the files that are in the source or the destination locations can also be compared to check if they match each other.

Other options can also be customised by the users, which include automatic shutdown, ejecting the drive after the data has been copied and several such other customisation options. The application is available in an installer version as well as a portable standalone version that does not require any installation on a specific machine. It has a minimalistic, clean and intuitive interface, which makes it easier even for new users to easily operate the application without much of effort. The application supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Laplink Sync is an application similar to TeraCopy. The application allows easy synchronisation between various devices and allows for easily transferring data from one device to another. The program allows several customisation options such as the type of the files to be copied and other similar specifications.


TeraCopy is a highly efficient and useful application for easily and effortlessly copy files from one location to another. The application integrates well with Windows Explorer and can be accessed easily from the right click menu option. It can perform CRC checksums of the files copied and also allow continuation of the broken file links. The application is very easy to operate and allows adding files to the queue for easy file transfer. The application can also be customised for several functions.


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