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Spider Player Pro is a compact and yet a high utility media player. The application can be used as a regular media player to play audio files stored locally as well as to play music from several Internet radio stations. The player includes an equaliser with several preset options and allows editing of WMA and ID3 metadata.


Spider Player Pro is a high utility compact media player. The application has all the functionalities of a regular media player as well as plays music from online radio stations. The player includes functions such as modifying ID3 as well as WMA metadata, CD ripping, conversion of audio from one format to another and has an equaliser with various presets and song lyrics editor.

The various audio formats supported by the media player are WMA, MP3, WAV and OGG among others. The player can convert music files from one of these formats to another. The application makes use of a Bass Audio Library developed by Un4seen.

Spider Player Pro plays songs directly from several Internet radio stations making it a highly useful media player. The player allows easy management of playlists and also supports m3u playlists that are created by Winamp music player. The player can search the Internet for details such as lyrics, artist details and can download them. It also includes a lyrics editor. Users can also configure their own hotkeys.

The player has a minimalistic interface with most of the options available in the menu. The player has a simple 3 part user interface that can be arranged according to the preferences of the users. The interface is uncluttered and is intuitive enabling even new users to effortlessly operate the media player. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Clementine Music Player is an application similar to Spider Player Pro. The application supports easy management of music files stored on the computer and media devices and also allows playing music directly from the Internet. The player also allows users to convert music files from one format to another as well as download details such as the artists’ bio and lyrics from the Internet. The equaliser of the player has certain preset options and there is an extensive support for playlists including generation of random playlists on the basis of the music preferences of the users.


Spider Player Pro is a highly useful and efficient media player. It supports dual functionalities that is of a regular media player as well as a player for playing music from internet radio stations. The application is highly useful for management of music files and playlists and also supports conversion of music files from one format to another.


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