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Spamihilator is a highly efficient and useful application for filtering spam messages before they are delivered to the inbox of mail clients. The application is effective for filtering out spam messages by monitoring them directly on the mail server and allowing only those messages to be delivered to the mailbox that are genuine and within the parameters.


Spamihilator is an efficient and high utility tool for filtering spam messages. The application functions as an anti-spam filter that monitors the email messages on the server. If the messages are spam, then the application moves them to the recycle bin from where they can be checked and either be restored or deleted.

The application runs as an interface between the mail servers and email clients. Every message that is received over the email server, is scanned by the application for identifying any malware in the mail body or the attachment and is filtered out based on the settings.

The application perform the functions similar to a local POP mail server and identifies the spam messages. The program supports most of the major email clients that include Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, Opera Plus, Phoenix Mail, Netscape and Pegasus Mail. The application has an inbuilt default email and spam monitoring mechanism that filters the emails on the basis of the pre-sets.

The application can also be configured to block mails with specific types of attachments, mails from specific users and specific types of mails. There are several inbuilt plugins and settings that can be used to filter the messages as per the specifications of the users. Users can also specify a list specifying the names of their friends whose messages are not to be blocked.

The filter settings can be changed to make it more stringent with the incoming messages. Users can also specify the list of words that they want to be blocked. The algorithms of the application allows it to learn based on the user preferences. The application can be managed easily from the system tray by right clicking on the icon.?The program has a very simple and intuitive interface allowing even new users to easily use and operate the application. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


SPAMfighter Standard is an application similar to Spamihilator. The application is very useful for identifying phishing and spam messages and efficiently blocks them. The messages are scanned by the application in real time and it ensures that only the genuine messages are delivered while blocking spam messages. The application also allows users to report spam messages thereby allowing others to block similar messages. The program supports a variety of mail clients and once the application is installed, it is displayed in the toolbar.


Spamihilator is a highly useful and effective application for blocking of spam messages. The program checks emails over the server and blocks spam messages thereby preventing them from getting downloaded into the email client mailboxes. The program supports most of the major email clients and the configurations of the application can be specified by the users.


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