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Rapid CSS Editor 2014 is an editing environment for your CSS and HTML codes. If you are website developer and you have to work on HTML codes very often, Rapid CSS Editor 2014 is of much use to you. It is a paid application with some great features to offer.


Rapid CSS Editor 2014 has a simple interface that is easy for amateur users to work on. There exists an option that lets you choose from the main file type (CSS, XML, HTML, PHP and JS).

You also have the ability to choose the file extension with which your files are being stored and executed. You can also choose the interface design on which you are going to work. The Code explorer option included with the interface allows you to quickly choose your files and edit them in a snap. While editing your files, you can click on the preview button to see how your code will look after execution in a web browser.

You can add CSS styles and add blocks or block certain parts of code from being used, with the help of this application. It also lets you manage plug-ins, verify your HTML codes and include predefined codes to your project. Rapid CSS Editor also includes important validations from W3C that lets you follow the worldwide accepted consortium. It faces major acceptance from all kinds of users who choose applications that deal with better outputs from HTML codes.


Rapid CSS Editor 2014 faces tough competition from similar sources available that perform almost the same functions. There exist other important application software like Adobe dream weaver, CSSEdit, TopStyle and Stylizer.

Adobe dreamveawer is a useful application that supports almost all types of scripting languages and is used by web designers and developers. It is widely accepted being a product from Adobe software group. CSSEdit is a simple application used to edit and save your CSS style sheets. It also supports works related to HTML with easy editing options to choose from. TopStyle and Stylizer are solely related to style sheets development, which focus mainly on productivity and error free development.


Rapid CSS Editor 2014 is a very small application (ranging at 20 MB) and uses very less processing speed. It does not consume any amount of your main memory and functions at top speed with results popping out within the time of a click. Since it is a paid source, the trial version produces an extra screen prompting you to purchase the full version.


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