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PhraseExpress is a high utility macro utility for keyboards that remembers the important phrases used by a particular user. The application remembers the important and frequently used phrases and allows them to be pasted in any Windows based application. The phrases can be pasted by using a shortcut key, text command or a mouse click.


PhraseExpress is an efficient and useful application that helps users by remembering important and frequently used phrases. The application can be launched from a taskbar icon and functions as a highly effective macro keyboard utility. The application then enters the phrases in the different text documents and applications used by the users.

The application is of high utility for entering information such as signatures, general replies, addresses and any such information that is used repeatedly. The information can be entered into emails, word documents or any other text editor. The phrases can be organised under various different categories.

The phrases can be stored in the application by launching it from the system tray icon and the phrase can be saved by writing a short description about it, typing the text that is to be remembered and assigning a hotkey to it. Also, an abbreviation of the text can be stored and when the user types the abbreviation, it is replaced by the corresponding text stored in the application.

The application includes useful macro functions for launching the applications, emails, files other macro commands. The application also predicts texts on the basis of the user habits and when the abbreviations are typed. The program also allows automation of several activities such as insertion of time and date stamps, creating automatic email responses, storing and opening websites.?The application has an intuitive user interface and can be easily used without much of practice. It does not require a large amount of system resources and hence does not affect the performance of the system. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Clipboard Recorder is an application that is similar to PhraseExpress. The application enables users to record all of their clipboard entries by enhancing the functions of the Windows clipboard. These entries can then be copied easily to the applications used by the users. The window of the application stays on top of other windows allowing users to easily access the saved entries. Users can also specify which entries are to be exempted from getting copied to the application and the saved entries can be shared with other computers over the network.


PhraseExpress is a highly effective application that saves time while typing. It saves the commonly used phrases and these can then be inserted into the documents or emails by the users. The application can be launched from the system tray and the phrases can be assigned hotkeys for insertion. The program also allows users to save entries in the form of abbreviations and when these are entered, the actual texts get inserted.


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