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Password Vault Manager is a highly useful application for managing and generating complex passwords. The application functions as a virtual vault that allows users to store sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details and bank account details. The details are stored in an XML database that is encrypted. The application also includes a password generator.


Password Vault Manager is a highly useful and secure application for storing sensitive information and data. Users can store their passwords, bank accounts and credit card details using this application. The information is stored in an encrypted and highly secure XML database.

The application incorporates several different types of templates for inputting information. Users can add information and can tag each entry separately and the added information can be customised on the basis of the information stored in the template. The application is quite secure and robustly protects the sensitivity of the information stored.

Password Vault Manager allows generation of passwords that are highly secure and complex. Users can generate high length passwords with several different combinations including numbers, alphabets and symbols. The application also allows users to set expiration date for their passwords and notifies the users in the event of the expiration.

Users can also import and export password and other sensitive information. The application also displays strength of the passwords set by the users without actually displaying the passwords.?The program has a simple installation process and an easy to use intuitive interface. It can be easily installed and used by even new users and does not require high level of skill for managing the application. The application is light weight and does not adversely affect the processing power of the computer. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Password Manager is an application similar to Password Vault Manager. The application uses 256 bit AES encryption for encrypting and storing passwords. Users can store confidential information using this application in a highly secure manner. The application is itself secured with a Master Password.


Password Vault Manager is a highly useful and efficient application for storing confidential information and generating highly complex and secure passwords. The application encrypts information in an XML database and also allows generation of passwords. Users can import and export their passwords and other sensitive information. The application can also be used for setting expiration dates for the passwords and the program notifies the users in case of password expiration. It is a highly secure and robust application for protecting secure and confidential information.


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