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Need a group chatting and messaging application that is compatible with both desktop and mobile? Download and install Palringo now and enjoy all the amazing features associated with it.

Palringo provides software support for the Windows operating systems. Palringo is especially designed for various categories of users and their respective hobbies and preferences; for instance, some people follow while others simply like to read other people’s activity.


Palringo is very efficient software that provides premium functionality and features. This software makes it easy for user to create their own Palringo Group and provide them a very simple user interface to create a live group chat environment, make friends and stay in touch with them, share multimedia files, express themselves, build a community and stay tuned with their friend’s activity.

Palringo application provides support to search various groups associated with it and user can join or leave that group instantly. Various amazing and unique features of this software include, Group Chat, Voice Messaging, Add-Ons, Share, etc.

Palringo offers two types of account, Premium and Non-Premium. Users without premium accounts are allowed to be a member of maximum twenty five groups at any instance of time. On the other hand this limit is increased to hundred groups for the users holding a Premium Account.


Compared to another group chatting software like mig33 and nimbus, Palringo is more efficient in both User Interface & Security Department.

Palringo provides support for several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, etc.


Creating a group on Palringo is done on the basis of Palringo Community, and any user associated with this is eligible to create a group. The only thing required is to create a group with a unique name and other people can be added to the group after this step. People join Groups depending on their area of interest, may it be Sport, Gaming, Technology, Politics, Movies, Music Bands or Education.


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