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MetroSidebar is a simple utility application that creates a Windows Vista style sidebar with multiple widgets and applications. The application allows for easy launching of the applications or widgets by directly clicking on them when they are displayed on the sidebar. The sidebar has live tiles that can display locally stored applications or the applications downloaded from the web store of the developer.


MetroSidebar is a highly useful application that displays a sidebar based upon the sidebar of Windows Vista and displays several widgets and applications in a tiled format. It allows direct access to several frequently used Windows applications and tools and also allows creating shortcut of other tools. The sidebar, which is placed to the right hand side of the desktop can be configured to be visible while accessing other applications or while performing other tasks on the computer. Alternately it can be configured to hide while using the computer.

The tiles that are displayed on the sidebar are shortcut links to the several applications that can be downloaded from the website of the developer. Also, there are few local applications such as the weather forecast, digital clock, system clock, power buttons, battery meter and Bing search engine which can be placed on the sidebar.

The sidebar is customizable and other widgets can be added to the sidebar based on the preferences of the users. There are several options that can be configured according to the requirements of the users. The sidebar can be locked to be in the same position, auto hide or can be kept on the top of other applications.?The application is simple to install and has an intuitive interface. It can be easily used even by new users easily and without having to face any complexities. The application does not require much of system resources and does not hamper the performance of the system. The application is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.


Windows Sidebar is an application similar to MetroSidebar. The application is displayed as a vertically aligned long bar that is displayed on the right side of the screen. The application displays various applications in the form of widgets that allow easy access to these applications in a convenient manner.


MetroSidebar is an efficient application that displays a Windows Vista styled sidebar on the right side of the desktop screen. The application displays widgets in a tiled format and allows users to easily access these applications. The application includes few local applications and allows users to download and add applications to the sidebar from the website of the developer. The program is easy to use and does not put stress on the system resources.


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