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The Intel AppUp is a program that offers users an all-in-one download center where they get all kinds of applications in different categories including games, business apps, books, entertainment apps and many more. The Intel AppUp is available for PCs, Tablets as well as netbooks. Initially, the program was intended to provide apps for tablets and netbooks that run on Linux OS from Intel and Moblin version 2.1 for all devices using Atom processors. However, the program also provides apps for Laptops and PCs with Windows XP or 7 OS.


Installation of the Intel AppUp is an easy process. A really pleasant feature is a 24 hour tryout period given for any paid app. This allows users to first test the app before they purchase, and if they don’t feel contented by the app they can always ‘return’ within 24 hours and get their refund.

With this initial purchase users, can install downloaded app on any other five different devices using one account at no extra cost. The Interface is straight forward and quite easy for users to get into. The Intel AppUp center has all the details you will find with all standard app stores; Numerous app categories ranging from newest apps, hottest apps, recommendations and at the top of the interface is a huge graphic meant for top five featured apps. All apps featured in the Intel AppUp run independently without involving the AppUp. All applications will certainly run smoothly once purchased and the AppUp doesn’t affect its functions in whatever way, the program is just a store and not a platform.


With the Intel AppUp, apps are usually downloaded from external sources somewhat different from iTunes that enables user’s download from within the app. This implies that apps are downloaded from different sources straight to your device or system, with each app having its shortcut displayed on the desktop. This can create quite a mess, but, on the other hand, it offers the ease of avoiding opening the AppUp so as to utilize the downloaded application. Plus, users can always initiate to uninstall the apps just within the AppUp. Users are free to share their favorites but can only be done via email. Intel has not included any support via social networks as well.


The Intel AppUp presents all useful apps in a very convenient manner. Users are able to get access to various types of applications either free or otherwise. However, the AppUp is slowly getting little or no attention with reports revealing Intel planning to pull out. Regardless, it is a good app store.


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