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DVD Labeler is an efficient application for scanning of DVD images and creating index labels from various scenes from DVDs. The application can create customised labels from the first images of frames of each chapter of a DVD.


DVD Labeler is a useful application for creating indexing labels from scenes from a DVD. The application scans each chapter on a DVD and creates thumbnails from the first frame of each chapter. The application enables users to create digital images from their DVDs, which will help them identify specific chapters from a DVD.

The program has an intuitive interface and is simple to install and easy to operate. It does not require any specific skill sets and even new users can operate the application in a dexterous and efficient manner. The image capturing from the DVDs is automatic and does not require any specific identification of the image on the part of the user.

The program provides the option of time code indexing and the duration of a movie on the DVD is automatically displayed. The scene indexing labels and inserts from the DVD are created automatically. Users can save, make edits and share these pictures as digital images.

The application is of great use for home users as it helps them compile and identify their favourite movies in a quick and easy manner. Users can save thumbnails of their DVD images in the ‘My Pictures’ folders and can share it with their family and friends. Apart from home use, the application can be used efficiently for professional use such as creating index images for marketing purposes, corporate presentations and other industrial instructional activities. In case where there are no chapters on a DVD, the application will create 48 DVD images thumbnails based on specific time codes. Users can also create custom templates for the labels. The application supports Windows XP.


Video Snapshop and Thumbnail Maker is an application similar to DVD Labeler. The application allows users to capture the scenes of their choice and save these scenes as images on their computer and create thumbnails of these images. The program supports DVD files; AVI, DivX and MPEG file formats. Users can take specific snaps from the movies or capture images at preset time intervals. The program also allows adding timestamp to the images captured by the users.


DVD Labeler is a highly effective application for creating index labels and their thumbnails from DVD movies. The application is simple to use and helps create images from the first frame of the various chapters of a DVD. The program allows users to save these images as thumbnails and share it with others. It helps in easy identification of the specific movies and therefore saves time and efforts. In case of movies, which do not have specific chapters, the application can capture 48 images from the movie at specific timeframe.


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