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CRCDropper is a tool which helps to calculate the CRC32 checksum of the files stored in a computer. CRCDropper has a very friendly user interface. The End user has to just drag and drop the files to know the checksum value of the files. This tool also helps in comparing the checksum values of multiple files. CRCDropper is compatible with Windows Operating system.


CRCDropper is an easy to use application. It has an XL kind of UI wherein it shows File, Size, Hash and type as columns. Single or multiple files can be dragged and dropped in the tool. Once done, it displays the File path and the size of the files for which CRC32 has to be calculated. Hash value and the type of the algorithm are mentioned in the hash and type columns. Type column by default has CRC32 listed against the files.

There are two Display boxes, Checksum and File size below the rows of files. Checksum displays the checksum of the selected file and file size displays the size of the file in bytes. There is an option to stop the calculation in the middle. This could be done with the help of the Stop button.

There is an algorithm field with drop down options. User can select the Algorithm they wants to choose. Algorithms which could be selected are CRC 32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC16, RIPEMD160. By default CRC32 is pre-selected in the tool. Rescan and Rescan all are the field’s available if a user wishes to scan the file again. Rescan could be used for single file and if the user wants to rescan for all of them then Rescan all could be used. Clear option clears all the files from the user interface.

CRCDropper has 3 versions: CRCDropper, CRCDropper 2 and CRCDropper 3. CRCDropper and CRCDropper 2 version almost works in the same manner except that there is a drag and drop option available in CRCDropper 2. CRCDropper 3 is the latest version with more algorithms and could be scanned for multiple files at a time. This could also be used for the larger files whose size is greater than 2GB. This version has Unicode string support written in Visual Studio language. Hence, while running the scan for the files it shows the scanning progress in the task bar.


Rapid CRC, checksum tool, Hash and CRC? are some of the tools which checks the CRC32 of the files.


CRCDropper is a tool which could be used for large sized file and also has the drag and drop facility. All these features make CRCDropper tool one of the most useful tools for developers which make their life very easy.


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