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Clover is a very simple and yet a highly useful systems tool. It adds tabs to Windows Explorer which are similar to Google Chrome. The tabs are added to the top of Windows Explorer and can be shuffled just like Chrome tabs. There are also several shortcuts similar to Chrome, which can be used to manage the tabs on Explorer.


Clover is a highly effective application that makes it easy to browse and manage folders on Windows. The application achieves this by adding Google Chrome type tabs to the top of the Windows Explorer screen. The application gives Explorer the look very similar to the tabs of Google Chrome and even functions similarly.

The tabs can be used to navigate between various files and folders effortlessly and also it also allows opening several different folders simultaneously without cluttering the screen. The navigation among the tabs is very easy and effortless. Files from one folder in a particular tab can be easily moved to another folder in another tab by the drag and drop method.

The program includes several shortcuts, which are very similar to Chrome. Users can use these shortcuts for faster, smoother and more efficient navigation. Ctrl T opens a new tab and Ctrl W closes an existing tab. When Ctrl W is pressed when just a single tab is open, it closes the Explorer.

Ctrl + Tab takes the users to the next tab while Ctrl + Shift + Tab takes the users to the previous tab. Ctrl D bookmarks a particular tab and Ctrl + Shift + B displays a bookmark bar that lists all the folders that have been bookmarked by the users. This allows them to easily navigate among the folders frequently used by them. Users can also pin various tabs for easy access.?The application is easy to install and operate. It is light-weight and does not use much of system resources. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


TabExplorer is an application similar to Clover. It adds tabs to the top of Windows Explorer and allows users to easily navigate from one tab to another. The application allows a toggling option so that the users can activate the tab options or deactivate them when they do not need them. The tabs are placed over the Explorer screen and not inside of it like Clover.


Clover is an efficient and very useful application for adding Chrome like tabs to Windows Explorer. The application is very easy to install and gives an appearance very similar to Chrome to Windows Explorer. There are various shortcuts that can be used to manage tabs and important folders can be bookmarked which can be accessed effortlessly later.


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