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In today’s time, mobile devices have become commonplace. More and more people are switching from conventional computers to mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in mobile applications or mobile apps.?


One of the problems in running an app on a mobile device is the ‘lag’ and ‘screen size’. Often, many apps do not render in full size on smartphones and tablets. This is where the BlueStacks App Player comes into picture. This Player allows users to run apps on their mobile phone with amazing speed. In addition, you can run the apps on Windows and Mac using this app.

With the BlueStacks App Player, you can use Android apps and games on your computer. The Player seamlessly connects with your Android phone. This virtual machine allows you to enjoy your favourite apps such as Angry Birds and Talking Tom Cat on your PC. It is an altogether different experience to play games or use your favourite Android apps on a full-size computer. The App player is easy to download, and comes with ten pre-installed apps. Moreover, you can add additional apps from the BlueStacks website. The cloud service of BlueStacks allows you to synchronize your mobile device to the App Player. After registering with BlueStacks, you can install BlueStacks Cloud Connect on your Android phone, and recover your PIN. Aster logging in, you can access the additional apps.
The BlueStacks Cloud Connect app can be downloaded from the Android market. When you enter your PIN into the Cloud Connect app on your mobile phone, you will be able to see the apps installed on your phone. After having selected the apps, you can push the Sync button to allow your apps to synchronize. A little patience is required as it takes a couple of minutes for the synchronization process to complete.


This is an advanced technology for mobile-PC synchronization. Compared to YouWave and Ubuntu, the BlueStacks App Player has a higher-download rate. Unlike YouWave, the App Player from BlueStacks is free to download and use. While YouWave is available only for Window7/Xp/Vista, the BlueStacks App Player works well on both Windows and Mac PC.


The BlueStacks App Player allows you to. Alternatively, you can test out Android apps before installing them. The App Player works smoothly with Android and Mac devices. It takes little time to connect, although the sync process may take a few minutes (depending on the number of applications installed). HD games may require demanding graphics, which your regular Android phone may not offer. In order to experience HD graphics, you require a PC. Since some devices cannot run programs and apps natively, it makes sense to use the LayerCake technology-enabled BlueStacks App Player.


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