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Artise Lutcurve is a useful and efficient application for managing the settings of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and LCD monitors. The application helps with calibration and setting adjustments of the types of monitors to make them more efficient and to enable them to have a better display by adjusting their gamma and colour settings and fixing issues with the pixels.


Artise Lutcurve is a highly effective and efficient application for adjusting the settings of an LCD or Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors by enabling users to adjust their colours setting and gamma settings adjustments in few simple steps. The application can be used to easily calibrate the settings of the monitors without much efforts and in an easy manner.

The application allows users to adjust brightness settings, white and black points, adjust their RGB or red, green and blue colour settings, make adjustments to gamma settings and optimise other screen settings. CRT monitors are generally old and therefore have several issues with their displays such as problems with pixels or other problems with display due to which the images look blur and unclear. Artise Lutcurve helps with resolution of these issues and display a better quality picture on the screen.

The application allows configuring multiple monitors simultaneously using this application. If a computer has multiple monitors, all of them can be adjusted easily using this application. The adjustments need to be done manually as the application does not have any auto correction functions. Users have to specify their own configurations and settings.

The application generally allows tweaks in few simple steps however some settings require advance knowledge. The program is easy to install and does not require much of system resources; therefore not hampering the performance of a computer system. The interface is intuitive for most of the functions but few functions are complicated and require users to refer the instruction manual. The software supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


DarkAdapted is an application similar to Artise Lutcurve. The application is useful for adjusting the screen, colour and gamma settings on a computer monitor. The program allows users to define their own presets for gamma settings and these can be changed by configuring hotkeys or by selecting from the menu options. The adjustments can be made by using either the slider on the application interface or through the keyboard shortcuts.


Artise Lutcurve is a very useful application for adjusting the settings of CRT and LCD monitors and allows users to optimise their monitor settings easily. The program allows making easy changes to colours, brightness and gamma settings and there are several options available to the users to make efficient changes to their screens.


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