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8GadgetPack is a simple and powerful application designed to incorporate the gadgets of Windows Vista on Windows 8. The application creates an interface of the sidebar that is quite similar to that on Windows Vista and is useful for users who prefer working with such sidebar and gadgets on Windows 8.


8GadgetPack is an efficient tool that installs a sidebar with gadgets similar to Windows Vista on Windows 8. The application is similar to 7Sidebar, an application developed for Windows 7 and is from the same developer. Therefore, effectively 8GadgetPack is the next version of 7Sidebar and has similar functions.?Once the application is installed, a sidebar similar to the one displayed on Windows Vista is displayed on the screen of the users running Windows 8. The sidebar displays 49 commonly used widgets and therefore makes it easier for users to conveniently access the applications through these widgets.

The sidebar displays the active windows on the computer and allows the users to access, organize and rearrange the widgets easily directly from the sidebar. There are also several other applications that can be accessed directly from the sidebar such as to do lists, notes, calendar, accessing URLs, weather applications, contents on the clipboards, RAM and CPU monitoring applications, currency converters, alarm clocks, Gmail, Google Search and several other applications.

The application allows users to save time and increase their productivity by accessing the most common applications and system tools from their sidebar through the various widgets listed on the sidebar. The application is simple to install and easy to use. It easily integrates with Windows 8 and gives the users of Windows Vista or 7Sidebar a very familiar experience.?The program has an intuitive interface and even new users can easily access and use the application. It does not require much of system resources and does not hamper the performance of the system. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


MetroSidebar is an application similar to 8GadgetPack. The application displays a sidebar similar to Windows Vista on the screen of the users. The widgets are displayed on the sidebar and the users can access several applications by directly clicking on the widgets on the sidebar. The widgets are displayed in the form of tiles and serve as the shortcut links to the applications. The various widgets displayed on the sidebar include several useful applications and system tools.


8GadgetPack is a useful computer resource, especially for the users who prefer working with a Windows Vista styled sidebar. The application easily integrates with the interface of Windows 8 and displays 49 useful widgets for easy access to the various system tools, internet and applications. The sidebar is a simple and convenient method to have a glance at the most frequently used applications on the computer and allows for easily organizing the various windows opened on the computer.


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